Child Passenger Safety Hall of Fame

What is a MACPS CPS Hall of Fame Member?


Up until 50 years ago, the methods used to transport infants and very young children in passenger vehicles were the SIMA (Safe in Mother’s Arms) and the MRA (Mom’s Right Arm) systems.  As our culture began to recognize the need to improve adult passenger protection it also began to recognize the need to properly protect our young passengers.

Since then, a number of individuals have come to stand out as those who went far above and beyond with an unlimited passion to change the way children are protected in all vehicles.  The Child Passenger Safety Hall of Fame (HOF) is an assembly of standout individuals who have contributed to the advancement of Child Passenger Safety (CPS).  Here, these leaders are recognized and remembered for the indelible impressions they have left on their community, our nation, and even the world to change and improve child passenger safety.  Each member has made a significant impact on the evolution, development, and perpetuation of CPS.

The CPS Hall of Fame honors those who have contributed to CPS in all facets. Included are members that were manufacturers, government and public and private agency specialists, advocates, designers, researchers and many others.  All have made contributions that have been regionally, nationally or internationally significant and of enduring value.

These HOF members are the dreamers of what could be, a safe place for our children. They also were the people that made those dreams live as did the many children whose lives were changed because of their actions. There are many HOF dreams in all of us and we look forward to one day recognizing today’s dreamers for making their dreams a reality.

2024 MACPS Hall of Fame Nominations

Nominations Closed

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2022 Inductees

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Allan Buchanan (NC)
Charles J. (Chuck) Kahane, Ph.D
Cheryl Kim (CA)
Dennis Durbin, MD MSCE (OH)
Flaura Winston (PA)
Kerry Chausmer (MD)
Kristy Arbogast (PA)
Sherri Cannon (KS)
Steve Ager (MD)
Suzanne Tylko (Canada)

2021 Inductees

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Dale Monty Crown (MD)
Audrey Eagle (MI)
Vera Fullaway (CO)
Sarah Haverstick (FL)
John Kaizuka (HI)
*John Melvin (MI)
Catherine Morris (CA)
Terry Smith (UT)
Richard Stalnaker (OH)
Elaine Weinstein (VA)

2020 Inductees

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Barbara Baines (Canada)
Kenny Cheng (Taiwan)
Joseph Colella (SC)
Denise Donaldson (WA)
Thelma Kuska (IL)
Kathy Kruger (WA)
Carol Meidinger (ND)
*Irene Rodríguez (TX)
*Arnold Siegel (CA)
Tomi St Mars (AZ)
Charlie Vits (IN)

2019 Inductees

Terry Emerson – Dorel Juvenile Products (Ret)
Kim Herrmann – Safe Kids Worldwide (Ret)
Dr. Ben Hoffman – Oregon Health Sciences University
Nancy Lang
Beth Warren – WayB (Ret)

2018 Inductees

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2017 Inaugural Inductees

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Requirements for Nomination

Any person who has been active in a principal role with any Child Passenger Safety program/activities for approximately 20 years will be considered for candidacy. A principal role is a director, chief executive officer, program coordinator, instructor/educator, technician, volunteer, designer, etc. and makes decisions and/or leads others.

Former principal players that are not currently active may also be nominated. It is not feasible to list every possibility regarding principal role. Through the vetting process of the applications, the CPS Hall of Fame Selection Committee will examine all the credentials; however, the Committee will use a target of 20 years of CPS involvement as its initial benchmark and guideline to help assure the nominee qualifies for consideration in the MACPS CPS Hall of Fame.

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Selection of Nominees

Selection to the Hall of Fame will consider many different factors including heart, leadership, dedication, compassion and impact.  Examination will include the influence and significance of the nominee’s contributions to the development and perpetuation of CPS.  The committee will review each nomination with the following criteria: