Manufacturers Alliance for Child Passenger Safety

In 2007, through the efforts of Safe Kids Worldwide, the Manufacturers Alliance for Child Passenger Safety (MACPS) was formed. Over successive years, this organization has grown, not only in membership size but also activities, and has developed a leadership structure of its own in order to promote child passenger safety.

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How to Determine Whether a Child Restraint System Can Be Used Legally in the U.S.

An informational sheet for CPSTs

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The MACPS Hall of Fame announces Inductees, Class of 2022

The Manufacturers Alliance for Child Passenger Safety (MACPS) is honored to announce the 2022 National Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Hall of Fame (HOF) Inductees. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading killers of children, and fatalities are currently on the rise at a record setting pace. NHTSA reported that in 2019, 41% of the children killed in motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. were not restrained at all prior to the crash. That number is staggering but could be even larger if not for the tireless efforts of those who work in the field of child passenger safety.

Allan Buchanan (NC)Kerry Chausmer (MD)
Charles J. (Chuck) Kahane, Ph.DKristy Arbogast (PA)
Cheryl Kim (CA)Sherri Cannon (KS)
Dennis Durbin, MD MSCE (OH)Steve Ager (MD)
Flaura Winston (PA)Suzanne Tylko (Canada)

CPS advocates come from all walks of life: vehicle manufacturers, car seat manufacturers, injury prevention programs, government agencies, researches, first responders and even your neighbor who has a passion for child safety. The MACPS honors these individuals and preserves the history of these CPS activities each year with The Child Passenger Safety Hall of Fame award. The inductees are recognized and remembered for the indelible impressions they have left on the safety of their community and/or the nation. They are recommended and elected by the MACPS membership for their leadership in their field of design, manufacturing, research & education and/or advocacy.

All of these new inductees have made a guenuine contribution to the reduction of childhood injuries and deaths as a result of motor vehicle crashes locally, regionally and/or nationally. Congratulations to ALL the nominees and inductees to the MACPS Hall of Fame for their hard, ground breaking work over the years. They have made a difference and still do!

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