Manufacturers Alliance for Child Passenger Safety


In 2007, through the efforts of Safe Kids Worldwide, the Manufacturers Alliance for Child Passenger Safety (MACPS) was formed. Over successive years, this organization has grown, not only in membership size but also activities, and has developed a leadership structure of its own in order to promote child passenger safety.

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The Child Passenger Safety Hall of Fame is where the leaders of their industry/organization are recognized and remembered for the indelible impressions they have left on the safety of their community and/or the nation. Looking at many different factors including: heart, leadership, dedication, compassion and impact, the Hall of Fame Committee reviews each nomination and votes on inductees. The MACPS Hall of Fame Committee is pleased to announce the inductees for the CPS Hall of Fame Class of 2018.

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Congratulations 2018 Conference Scholarship Grant Winners!

MACPS is pleased to award grant funding to the following conferences for 2018. The grants will be used to provide conference scholarships for local technicians and instructors. Please reach out to the conference organizer for more details on how to apply for their scholarship.

  • Region  1 – No applications received.
  • Region  2 – NHTSA Region 2 Conference (March 2018)
  • Region  3 – North Carolina Traffic Safety Expo (April 2018)
  • Region  4 – Tennessee Lifesavers (September 2018)
  • Region  5 – Ohio CPS Conference (May 2018)
  • Indiana Child Passenger Safety Conference (May 2018)
  • Region  6 – Buckle Up New Mexico (March 2018)
  • Region  7 – Kansas Tech Update (April 2018)
  • Region  8 – Utah Zero Fatalities Safety Summit (April 2018)
  • Region  9 – No applications received.
  • Region 10 – Oregon CPS Summit (May 2018)
  • Montana 12th Annual Statewide CPS Tech/Instructor Update (May 2018)

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