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Seat-Belt-Positioning Clips (Comfort Clips)

In many vehicles, the manufacturer has provided factory-installed clips that can be attached to a shoulder belt to lower its position on shorter occupants.  Found on a vehicle wall or seat, these usually have a storage method when not in use, and often they are very hard to see when stowed.  See the vehicle owner’s manual for more details. Click on the pages below to see examples of these clips in recent vehicle models.

Using a Belt-Shortening Clip

Finding Lap-Shoulder Belts to Be Too Short for Euro-Routing? Try This Tip

LATCH Manual 101

An overview of the basic components in the LATCH Manual, one of many great resources available to child passenger safety advocates. Click the picture to watch the video.

Switchable Retractor Technique

Certain techniques when using a belt with a switchable retractor can lessen the likelihood of sideways tilting. Caregivers can often be taught how to install a CR without using a locking clip. The key factors to teach are how to properly press on the CR/base and how to tighten the belt. Regular SRN contributorJoe Colella demonstrates these steps in this YouTube video. In it, he explains that he has found use of a locking clip to be unnecessary since he began using this technique.