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LATCH Gallery easle.

Welcome to the LATCH Gallery. If only LATCH were as straightforward as the familiar image shown here! In reality, LATCH expresses itself in a broad range of applications.

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What is the LATCH Gallery?

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, the LATCH Gallery provides photos of interesting examples of lower and tether anchors in vehicles. It is intended to assist the Child Passenger Safety community by clarifying challenging vehicle LATCH situations that are more creative, complex or confusing than most.

Where do the Gallery posts come from?

The LATCH Gallery allows CPSTs to post information that might help others when they encounter an interesting LATCH situation. By selecting the “Submit Images” button below, anyone in the CPS community can provide LATCH Gallery content. As host, Safe Ride News makes every effort to confirm the accuracy of information in this resource. Unless otherwise specified, the information has NOT been provided by the vehicle manufacturer directly.

How is it different from the LATCH Manual?

The LATCH Gallery provides a useful tool to supplement the LATCH Manual in certain instances. However, since the LATCH Manual lists every LATCH vehicle model/year and contains LATCH information provided directly by the vehicle manufacturers, the LATCH Gallery should not be considered a replacement for the LATCH Manual.