SRN Tools for CPSTs

Child Restraint Manufacturer Contacts for CPSTs

Many manufacturers have a staff member whose role is to interface with the CPS community on technical issues.  If the company has such a staff member, the name and contact info of that representative is indicated on the CR company list below.  Please note, however, that only trained advocates should access these contacts; others in the general public should use the companies’ customer service lines  Do not contact these individuals regarding warranty issues.

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LATCH Gallery EasleLATCH Gallery

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, the LATCH Gallery provides photos of interesting examples of lower and tether anchors in vehicles. It is intended to assist the Child Passenger Safety community by clarifying challenging vehicle LATCH situations that are more creative, complex or confusing than most.

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How Retractors Lock

A flyer for caregivers who are worried their seat belt is not locking or wish to have basic information about these lifesaving devices.

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GM Seat Belt Recall—Models and Diagnostic Test Instructions

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Vehicle Owner's ManualVehicle Owner’s Manual
Locator Guide and Tips for Reading

The Locator Guide gives a brand-by-brand roadmap to finding official vehicle owner’s manuals, which are essential for proper car seat installation. The Tips for Reading Vehicle Manuals provides information that helps to understand many aspects of vehicle owner’s manuals.

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Safe Rise News Newsletter Index/Table of Contents

Curious about the topics Safe Ride News has covered in the past?  Need help tracking down an article? The table of contents and an annual Index of Safe Ride News issues can be viewed by clicking the button below and selecting the issue/year.

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SRN Resource Guide for CPSTs

This two-page sheet includes national resources that are important for all CPS technicians, plus space to add your local resources.  Developed especially for instructors as a handy way to fulfill the local resource sheet requirement of Module 2 in the CPS curriculum.

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FMVSS 213 Outline

This color-coded outline was created by Safe Ride News Publications to help understand FMVSS 213, the regulation that sets standards for car seats.  It also can function like a table of contents for users who are wanting to track down specific details within the official NHTSA document.

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Switchable Retractor Technique

Certain techniques when using a belt with a switchable retractor can lessen the likelihood of sideways tilting. Caregivers can often be taught how to install a CR without using a locking clip. The key factors to teach are how to properly press on the CR/base and how to tighten the belt. Regular SRN contributorJoe Colella demonstrates these steps in this YouTube video. In it, he explains that he has found use of a locking clip to be unnecessary since he began using this technique.