Tether Anchor Retrofit

Retrofit TA Parts

Tether anchor (TA) retrofitting was the main topic of the first edition of the LATCH Manual, issued in 1999 and titled Tethering Child Restraints.  Today, years later, this information is less utilized, but no less important for families who drive the many pre-MY 01 vehicles still on the road.  Because tethering is so beneficial to child safety, it continues to be worthwhile for CPSTs to encourage TA retrofitting when educating families who have these older vehicles.

Historical Record of Retrofit TA Parts

This historical record of all part numbers does not replace the information in the current LATCH Manual, but may be useful in certain situations, as explained here. By listing all retrofit TA part records, including parts that have been removed from the LATCH Manual due to being out-of-stock, it maintains a full account of all legitimate part numbers. Although some of these parts are no longer available from a dealership, SRN is motivated to make this information available to the public in case a CPST or caregiver finds a kit from a third-party and/or used parts provider. Of particular concern is that many unsafe alternative TAs are offered for sale these days, especially online. So, this record of all parts—both available and out-of-stock—is meant to assist people in confirming whether or not a part offered by a non-manufacturer source is one that came originally from the vehicle maker that’s legitimately intended for use in their vehicle. If it is not, it should not be used!

Historical Record of Retrofit TA Parts (pdf)

TA Retrofit Installation Guide

The TA Retrofit Installation Guide is a document published in earlier editions of the LATCH Manual (prior to 2013) that gives DIY tips for vehicle owners who would like to retrofit their vehicle with tether anchors.  (Note: General safety tips are provided, and the text has not been updated since 2010.  This information should never replace or override instructions provided by the vehicle or CR manufacturer.)

TA Retrofit Installation Guide (pdf)