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“When one door closes, another one opens.”  Alexander Graham Bell

This webpage is intended to help CPST job seekers and employers connect with one another.

Recent events have changed many aspects of work life, and while some companies have downsized, others are hiring for new positions. Importantly, job duties for many positions can now be handled online or semi-remotely, which broadens the field for employers and applicants. As a national website, SRN Publications is pleased to facilitate these job searches for CPS positions across the country.

CPST Employers:

Please use this link to send us your job posting for a CPST. We’ll post your information here for 4 months, unless you contact us at [email protected] to remove, extend, or modify it.  NOTE:  This is a free service; there is no charge for this posting.

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CPST Job Seekers:

Please check out the following opportunities that would allow you to use your CPS skills in the workplace. Good luck!

Job Opportunities With CPS Focus and/or Seeking CPSTs

These paid positions for jobs that use CPS skills are, to SRN’s knowledge, currently open; SRN posts submitted listings for 4 months, unless the submitter contacts us to remove them.

  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA): CHOA is hiring a full-time Child Passenger Safety Specialist to implement and deliver Child Passenger Safety Education programs to families/care providers and staff and proactively support the efforts that ensures delivery of safe patient care and services. Applicant must obtain Special Needs certification within one year and must live near company/organization (1001 Johnson Ferry Road NE
    Atlanta, GA 30342) if hired. Additional information can be found on the CHOA website. Hiring Manager: Michelle Walker; [email protected]; (404) 785-3434. Target hiring date is 5/13/2022.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA): NHTSA is hiring a full-time General/Safety Compliance Engineer in the Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance.  Applicant must have an engineering degree and apply no later than January 17, 2022. The position involves helping to enforce FMVSS 213 (Child Restraint Systems). Primary duties fall into three overall categories: compliance test program, investigations, and support of other agency offices.  A full job posting with further information can be found by clicking here. Hiring manager: Claudia Covell, [email protected]. Important:  Please check the job posting information before contacting the hiring manager.  Also, NHTSA employee and fellow CPST Kelley Adams-Campos is happy to share her insights about making the transition into this role.  Reach Kelley at [email protected]   
  • Cook Children’s Medical Center: Cook Children’s is hiring a Child Passenger Safety Technician to work in collaboration with the Trauma Injury Prevention Coordinator, helping to promote the Promise of Cook Children’s by providing injury prevention education to patients, families and staff. The full-time position is based in Fort Worth, Texas.  Hiring manager: James Rodriguez, (817) 347-9697, [email protected]              Find the posting here. 

National Volunteer/Board Position Openings for CPSTs

  • National CPS Board (NCPSB): The application period for new members for 2022 has now closed.  Check back in early 2022 for the application announcement for 2023 members.  Remember, any CPST (or non-CPST with a CPS connection) with a strong resume and drive to contribute to the field is qualified and encouraged to apply.

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