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CPS Resources Training Seats: Tech Trainer and Parent Trainer

CPS Resources Demo Seats, the Parent Trainer and Tech Trainer.
The Tech Trainer seat is made for certification courses, having a complete array of belt, retractor, and latchplate types, plus a full LATCH system. The Parent Trainer, for parent education, is similar to a Tech Trainer but has fewer latchplate options and costs $300 less. Both versions weigh about 56 pounds, fold to 26”x24”x22” for easy transport and storage, and can be ordered with color-contrasting webbing.

Innovative Concepts, LLC: CPS Simulator Training Seat III

CPS Training Seat III by Innovative Concepts, LLC.

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CPS Simulator Training Seat III is a tool for caregiver or CPS trainings. It can be used for installation demonstration using LATCH, lap-shoulder seat belt, or lap-only seat belt; all seat belt retractor types are available.

SafeGuard: School Bus Training Seat
This freestanding, 39-inch bench is ideal for trainings on the use of CSRS aimed at CPSTs, bus drivers, and anyone else interested in the safe transportation of birth-to-K children or children with disabilities on school buses. It features two high-visibility lap-shoulder belts, two LATCH systems (including the tether anchors that are standard in current SafeGuard seating), and two integrated five-point CSRS. The bench meets all federal regulations for school bus seating, including FMVSS 222, and weighs 110 pounds. (Note: This bench is for classroom use only and must not be installed in a school bus.)

SafeGaurd School Bus Training Seat.

CPS Video from Shelness Productions

Don’t Risk Your Child’s Life is a nationally recognized educational video that is an accurate and informative tool for caregiver instruction.  It is ideal for use in educational settings for parents, such as prenatal classes, doctors visits, and safety fairs. Available in both English and Spanish.  Originally produced in 1978, the video was completely revised and updated for its ninth edition in 2016. To order or learn more, email John at

Don't Risk Your Child's Life