Products from Other CPS Organizations

Products from the Safety Restraint Coalition

Recall List

This is a free recall list in pdf format. To download and print, go to the Safety Restraint Coalition’s website at

CPS Curriculum Student Manual

This full color copy of the National Child Passenger Safety Training Program’s Technician Guide can be purchased from the Safety Restraint Coalition. An electronic version can be found on the CPS Board website. To place an order go to the Safety Restraint Coalition’s website at

CPS Video from Shelness Productions

Don't Risk Your Child's LifeDon’t Risk Your Child’s Life is a nationally recognized educational video that is an accurate and informative tool for caregiver instruction.  It is ideal for use in settings where new parents are educated, such as prenatal classes, doctors visits, and safety fairs. Available in both English and Spanish.  Originally produced in 1978, the video was completely revised and updated for it’s ninth edition in 2016. To order or learn more call Shelness Productions at 336-774-0780 or go to