MACPS – About Us –

In 2007, through the efforts of Safe Kids Worldwide, the Manufacturers Alliance for Child Passenger Safety (MACPS) was formed. Over successive years, this organization has grown, not only in membership size but also activities, and has developed a leadership structure of its own in order to promote child passenger safety.

In an otherwise competitive business environment, MACPS brings representatives together from the child restraint system (CRS) and vehicle manufacturer (VM) industries in order to support CPSTs as well as the advocate community by acting as a unique resource. This is mainly made possible because competitive CRS/VM companies come together in order to improve CPS knowledge, product usage, and educational resources by cross collaborating while maintaining their individual organizational values, concerns and missions to promote child passenger safety awareness. MACPS allows each member to voice their objective position on CPS topics.

MACPS’ success can be attributed to the fact that over the past years manufacturers have established and maintained a dedicated CPS advocate representative(s) within their organizations. These liaisons have facilitated communication between CPSTs, vehicle and CRS manufacturers in order to incorporate today’s CPS needs into each of their front line developments.

One of MACPS’ valuable attributes is that it researches issues that affect CRSs in general and when possible develops harmonized statements to help guide users. These statements may include information that is not always printed in the CRS owner’s manual and are therefore intended to provide guidance only. In addition, MACPS gives assistance to technicians while working with other compassionate companies in the CRS industry in order to align with the MACPS Mission –to provide most up to date information on CRSs and vehicle safety features; to offer opportunities for scholarships; to provide a process to request member participation in National/Regional CPS Conferences; and to offer training supplies to CPSTs.

It’s all about reaching the community; solidifying partnerships that whichever side of the industry your reference is coming from, we are all in this together. Even though each member may approach scenarios differently, they all strive to make children safe every time they ride in a vehicle. We all have the same goal in mind, the safety of children! MACPS wants to convey opportunities to alleviate the challenges in the CPS field and share the latest updates/solutions. No matter what brand of CRS or vehicle, we are all working towards one goal in decreasing the #1 killer of children – Car Crashes.

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