Virtual Education: Suddenly It’s All the Rage!

CPSTs are urged to continue conducting education remotely, using these helpful tips

While telephone support has been a tool used by CPSTs for decades to conduct remote education, most techs would agree that in-person education is far more thorough and effective.  However, as the imperative for social distancing nixed all in-person interactions with caregivers this spring, virtual options, which incorporate both audio and video components, emerged as the next best thing.  Almost overnight, individuals and programs across the country began transitioning from offering in-person outreach events, like checkups and classes, to hosting modified versions online. Read More from “Virtual Education: Suddenly It’s All the Rage!”

Government Shutdown Affects CPS

Like all Americans, readers are well aware that the U.S. government was shut down from December 22, 2018, until January 25, 2019, prompting the suspension of activities for all agencies deemed nonessential and furloughing roughly 800,000 federal employees.  The CPS work of some readers may have been directly or indirectly impacted by this situation.  From a macro level, here is what SRN has learned about some key aspects of CPS with respect to this shutdown and shutdowns in general.

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SRN Website Now Offers Online Ordering!

Safe Ride News Publications is pleased to bring you this brand new website, as of August 2018. The address remains the same——but the look, layout, and some functionality have been revised. We hope that the CPS community will like our refreshed look and find it easier to access information.

Most exciting is the addition of e-commerce capability! Read More from “SRN Website Now Offers Online Ordering!”

Dr. Robert and Patricia Sanders Honored for First COP Law

Pat Sanders in Murfreesboro, TN
In September 2018, Patricia Sanders, Dr. Robert Sanders’ widow, attended the marker-unveiling ceremony that celebrated the couple’s accomplishments on behalf of child safety.

On September 24, 2018, a historical marker was erected during a ceremony in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of that state’s child occupant protection (COP) law, the first such law in the world.  The marker honors the late Dr. Robert Sanders, a pediatrician well known as Dr. Seat Belt, for his role as a driving force prompting the wave of COP laws that spread across the country.  The ceremony was attended by his widow, Patricia Sanders, who is also named on the marker for her involvement in successfully advocating for the Tennessee law.

That very first law required CR use until a child’s third birthday, and it took the Sanders four more years to eliminate a “babes in arms” exception that had been slipped in before passage.  The Sanders’ tireless efforts to protect children continue to serve as an inspiration for efforts to strengthen COP laws.

Bridgespan Report: CPS Movement Recognized Among Standout Initiatives of the Past Century

In the September/October issue of Harvard Business Review, car seats were recognized among 15 movements of the past century that made significant improvements to society.  The article, “Audacious Philanthropy: Lessons from 15 World-Changing Initiatives,” highlighted these top initiatives to help philanthropists identify common behaviors and characteristics that form the framework of movements that successfully create real social change.   CPSTs working to update state laws might also find this article to be helpful in promoting bills.

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JPMA Announces New CPS Director

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), a nonprofit association that represents the manufacturers of 95 percent of the prenatal and preschool products sold in North America, announced the appointment of Joseph Colella as its new director of child passenger safety.  The assignment was effective June 1.

“Joe has been a friend of JPMA and the juvenile products industry for many years. Many of our members are car seat manufacturers, and they, along with JPMA, are thrilled to be able to formalize our relationship with him,” said JPMA Executive Director Kelly Mariotti.

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In Memory and Appreciation of Annemarie Shelness 1922 — 2017

Although many of today’s CPSTs may not know the name Annmarie Shelness, we all owe her an enormous debt of gratitude. She was among the very first to recognize and take action to address the unacceptable risks to children on America’s roadways—efforts that spurred the field of child passenger safety. In addition to publishing landmark scholarly papers, lobbying Congress, and serving on technical committees at the highest level, Annemarie Shelness was committed to educating caregivers. She generously gave her time to nurture other advocates, many of whom are leaders in our field today.

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The CPS Paper That Started It All

Sure, most CPSTs recall a childhood in which CRs were not routinely used, and many worked in the field before the formality of a certification program. Nonetheless, it can be eye-opening to reflect on a time—less than 45 years ago—when child passenger safety was a fledgling concept taken up by just a handful of concerned citizens.

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LATCH-Related CR Recalls —ARCHIVE

Excerpted from the 2015 LATCH Manual

The following LATCH-related child restraint recalls are excerpted from the 2015 LATCH Manual* and include only those CR recalls and consumer advisories that affect CRs that are expired as of January 2017. They were omitted from the 2017 and newer LATCH Manuals because the publisher does not want to imply that users should continue to use expired child restraints.

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