LATCH-Related CR Recalls —ARCHIVE

Excerpted from the 2015 LATCH Manual

The following LATCH-related child restraint recalls are excerpted from the 2015 LATCH Manual* and include only those CR recalls and consumer advisories that affect CRs that are expired as of January 2017. They were omitted from the 2017 and newer LATCH Manuals because the publisher does not want to imply that users should continue to use expired child restraints.

CR recalls on expired CRs are posted here for the purpose of maintaining a complete record of LATCH history with respect to recalls. For LATCH-related recalls on CURRENT child restraint models, see the current LATCH Manual (under the applicable CR manufacturers’ entries of Appenix A). The current LATCH Manual also includes LATCH-related vehicle recalls in Appendix B. (NOTE: Since vehicles do not have an expiration date, those recalls are perpetually included in each updated LATCH Manual edition.)

Baby Trend:

Rigid Latch-Loc CR base, 6400 series, made May 14, 2007, to April 1, 2008. Incorrect steel was used for the LA connectors’ locking pawls (a small metal part of the mechanism). All units of this CR are now expired, so the CR should not be used. Contact Baby Trend with any questions.


Recalls on older Marathon, Husky, Advantage, and Boulevard models and a Regent consumer advisory apply only to CRs that are now expired; these CRs should be replaced rather than repaired. Contact BRITAX at 1-888-427-4829 regarding questions concerning recalls.


KeyFit/KeyFit 30 base. CRs made from February 26, 2008, through March 17, 2008. (Serial numbers between “08 02 26 xxxx” and “08 03 17 xxxx”). LA attachments may not hold CR tightly. CR is now expired; DO NOT use.


Avatar Convertible CR CRs made 11/12/03 to 5/7/04. LA strap used RF could be severed in a crash. (Note: Expired; do not use.)


Solution X-fix, manufactured in February 2010. Instruction to secure with a lap-shoulder belt when unoccupied, even if the LA attachments are used is missing. Performance of an occupied BPB is not affected by this recall.


Certain Viva/Viva Supreme bases were recalled for LATCH issues, but a subsequent, non-LATCH-related recall announced that consumers should immediately discontinue use of ALL Viva AND Viva Supreme models.

Safeline Kids:

Sit ‘n’ Stroll All models made 9/1/02 to 10/21/03. Note: All recalled units are expired and should be replaced. Routing the LA strap through the higher of the two forward-facing belt paths is the only method that should be used in FF mode. Original instructions incorrectly stated that a lower belt path was optional for smaller occupants.

Snug Seat:

Gorilla, model 200-1000, and Spelcast, model 600-1000. These models have been expired for many years and should not be used.