Editorial: Impaired Driving Is a CPS Issue

As most people know, impaired drivers (drunk or high) are a menace on our roadways. What is less recognized, however, is that most (57%) of the children who die in impaired-driver crashes are passengers of the impaired driver. Unsurprisingly, studies show that children riding with an impaired driver are less likely to be properly restrained, and restraint use decreases with increasing child age and driver blood alcohol content. And, since the driver survives 71% of these crashes, many children who perish would likely survive if properly restrained.

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New Resources Worth a Closer Look

SRN readers are likely to be savvy users of the most fundamental resources for CPSTs—all the more reason to read this article carefully for important updates.

Readers may have noticed a couple of new resources mentioned a lot lately: Child Passenger Safety Learning Portal and the National CPS Board YouTube page. Both have popped up quite a bit in recent social media posts and articles directed at CPSTs, and some readers may have already bookmarked these links. But these particular resources warrant a closer look, as they are not simply handy new websites to keep in our back pocket (though they are indeed handy). In fact, they represent important revisions to how key CPS information is offered—and will be offered going forward. As such, all CPSTs should be aware of these resources and incorporate them into their CPS practice.

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Data to Drive the CPS Field

Nowadays, it’s a given that data drives professional decision-making. So, it’s essential for those working in the CPS field to be aware of and have access to reliable data sources. Important activities, including budgeting, program planning, fundraising, research, and advocacy, all benefit from using relevant data.

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Office Changes at Safe Ride News

Nancy Beaumont Retires After 18 Years of Dedicated Service

Longtime SRN Publications office director, Nancy Beaumont, has retired as of June 1, 2017.  After several years freelancing for SRN, Nancy was hired to run the Safe Ride News office by then-owner Deborah Stewart in 1999.  Over time, Nancy managed other part-time employees, notably Steven and Sally, whose positions have been eliminated along with the closure of the Edmonds office.

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