Dr. Marilyn Bull Honored by White House as Champion of Change

Safe Ride News is pleased to report that Dr. Marilyn Bull has received a Champions of Change award from the White House and the U.S. Department of Transportation. Dr. Bull was recognized, along with 10 other recipients, at a ceremony in Washington, D.C., in October. The award honors individuals who have made a positive mark on the community by innovating in the field of transportation safety. (Pictured left DOT head, Secretary Anthony Foxx, presented Dr. Marilyn Bull with a Champions of Change award in October.)

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Safe Ride News—30 Years Young!

A Review of 30 Years of the Safe Ride News Newsletter is a Journey Through CPS History

To mark our 30th anniversary, in each of this year’s issues our editor-from-day-one, Deborah Davis Stewart,* will give us a peek at some of the important headlines, news stories, and/or quotes from sequential periods of CPS history.  In this issue, she looks back to the very beginning of the newsletter.  Does some of this look familiar?
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New Book a Timely Ode to the Value of Injury Prevention

A powerful book about injury prevention, a topic very near to my heart, has inspired me to speak out during this political season when we are hearing a lot of rhetoric about too much regulation, the “nanny state,” individual rights to not buckle up or wear a motorcycle helmet, or even not supporting public funding of essential things such as repair of highway bridges.

While We Were Sleeping: Success Stories in Injury and Violence Prevention, by David Hemenway of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center, presents a highly readable account of many successful efforts to protect people by preventing unintentional injuries and violence.  It is his “personal ode to public health,” particularly injury prevention, which has fascinated him since the 1960s, when he worked for Ralph Nader and Consumers Union.  He wants to explain the importance of public health because “most people do not recognize, or do not readily recall, when they personally have benefitted from a public health intervention.”

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Thirty “Dynamic” Years of FMVSS 213

A look back at the milestones in development of FMVSS 213 and other related standards

When FMVSS 213 was amended 30 years ago to require, as of January 1, 1981, dynamic testing and inclusion of all CRs for children under 50 pounds, it established the basic elements of the standard we use today.  Here is a brief history of some of the significant milestones and substantial improvements to FMVSS 213 and other related standards.

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Amazing Strides in Child Passenger Safety:

A Look Back at Fifteen Years of CPS Accomplishments

The history of CPS stretches back about 40 years, including the institution of the first CR standard in 1972, the dynamic testing standard in 1981, the passage of legislation in all states by 1985, and community education efforts.  This article, by long time CPS professional Joe Colella, chronicles the past 15 years, encompassing issues such as compatibility, booster use, and national training that still are evolving today.  For more detail, go to to view a chronological timeline of CPS events*.

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More than Forty Years of Progress for Child Passenger Protection

A Chronicle of Child Passenger Safety Advances in the USA, 1965-2009 Compiled by Deborah D. Stewart, Editor Emerita, Safe Ride News Publications


1965:  Physicians for Automotive Safety formed, pickets NY Auto Show, protests lack of occupant protection.

1971:  Physicians for Automotive Safety publishes first pamphlet on child passenger protection, “Don’t Risk Your Child’s Life” (updated frequently to present).

1968:  First child restraints designed for crash protection developed by Ford (Tot-Guard) and General Motors (Love Seat for toddlers).  Followed soon thereafter by the GM Infant Love Seat (first rear-facing only restraint) and the Bobby Mac convertible seat (used both rear-facing and forward facing).

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