Bridgespan Report: CPS Movement Recognized Among Standout Initiatives of the Past Century

This article originated in the September/October 2017 issue of Safe Ride News.

In the September/October issue of Harvard Business Review, car seats were recognized among 15 movements of the past century that made significant improvements to society.  The article, “Audacious Philanthropy: Lessons from 15 World-Changing Initiatives,” highlighted these top initiatives to help philanthropists identify common behaviors and characteristics that form the framework of movements that successfully create real social change.   CPSTs working to update state laws might also find this article to be helpful in promoting bills.

According to the authors, the 15 success stories had these five things in common:

  • They built a shared understanding of the problem.
  • They set “winnable milestones” using a compelling message.
  • They designed methods to work at massive scale.
  • They drove demand (not merely assumed it).
  • They responded positively to course corrections.

The article’s author, Bridgespan Group, is a nonprofit organization whose stated mission is to strengthen the ability of philanthropists and mission-driven organizations to make good use of their money and effort to achieve breakthrough results.

See the article that chronicles the inception and rise of the child passenger safety movement.

SRN and SBS USA editors contributed information that was used in this article, which included much information that wasn’t used in the Bridgespan article. “The CPS Movement in the US 2017” outlines the key turning points in the CPS movement.