Carrot 3

A modular booster seat with a positional harness by Convaid (a brand of Etac).  In U.S., headquartered on the West Coast in Torrence, CA, and on the East Coast in Charlotte, N.C.


This seat has a five-point harness that provides positioning & stability for children needing extra support of the head, trunk, and/or pelvis. Modular accessories can be added to change the seating dimensions and customize to a child’s needs, and several other functional accessories are offered.  The child MUST also wear the vehicle’s lap-shoulder belt.  Installation using the included lower anchor attachment is recommended. Certified for aircraft use when a separate aircraft-fixing strap is acquired/used.  (Note: Owners also have the ability to essentially transform this model into Etac’s Carrot 3 Booster by ordering Etac’s Booster Accessory Kit to change out the seating base and the positional harness.)

Last updated on February 13, 2024.

Child Requirements

  Pounds Kilograms Inches Centimeters Age (years)
Minimum 30 13.6 37 94 none
Maximum 108 49 60 152 none

Measurements and Characteristics

Car Seat Mass (Weight)

19.1 lbs./8.7 kg  (base model)

Vehicle Fit Characteristics

  Outside height: 25 in./64.5 cm
  Widest outside width: 16.53 in./42 cm 
  Vehicle requirements:
  • Vehicle seating position must be equipped with a lap-shoulder belt.
  • A seat with a LATCH system is recommended.  (If LATCH is not present, the use of Etac’s accessory top and lower securement strap is recommended.)

Child Fit Characteristics

  Narrowest torso width: 10 in./25.4 cm
  Narrowest seat cushion width: 10 in./25.4 cm
  Seat cushion depth: 9.8-11.3 in./24.89-28.70 cm (without depth extenders)
  Seat cushion depth extender options: Yes; + 2 in./5.08 cm,  +4 in./10.16 cm, and +7 in./17.78 cm  (can be combined)

Harness Fit Characteristics

  Harness Type: Five-point (position harness only)
  Number of harness height positions: One;  the no-rethread harness adjusts higher if various backrest extensions are added.
  CR bight to lowest shoulder height position: 10 in./25.4cm
  CR bight to highest shoulder height position: 21.5 in./55 cm  (if max backrest extensions added)
  Crotch strap present: Yes
  Crotch strap adjustability: Yes, 6 in./15.24 cm and 10 in./25.40 cm lengths available
  CR bight to nearest crotch strap position: no information provided; contact Etac
  CR bight to farthest crotch strap position: no information provided; contact Etac


  Semi-recline allowed in forward-facing position: Yes.  Back of CR rotates 180° to a flat position but must not be greater than 30° from vertical when vehicle is in motion.
  Other: Recline wedge available to increase hip flexion by 20°.


  Tether present: Yes; use optional but recommended.  (LA attachment is also a standard part that is a recommended option.)
  Special tethering:
  • If no tether anchor is present, use of Etac’s top/lower securement straps is recommended (sold separately).
  • Weight limits for use of LATCH do not apply to booster seats.

Accessories / Add-ons

Standard Accessories: 

  • Head pillow
  • Body and seat balance pads
  • Standard chest support pad
  • Comfort cushion

Add-ons available:

  • Top/lower securement strap (recommended if vehicle anchors not present)
  • Small chest support pad
  • Footrest (small, medium, and large)
  • Air mesh cushion set
  • Rodded seat extension (short, up to 4 in./10 cm;  long, 7 in./17.78 cm)
  • Seat extensions (2 in./5 cm and 4 in./10 cm to fill gaps created by extending short rodded seat extension)
  • Shoulder protector wings
  • Backrest extension padding (2 in./5 cm and 4 in./10 cm; to fill gaps created by raising backrest)
  • Pommel (medial thigh support) or anti-adduction/knee separator pad
  • Support tray
  • Anti-escape vest
  • Under-seat hip flexion wedge (front height 4.25 ins./10.8 cm, angle 20°)
  • Pelvis lock harness
  • Incontinence cover
  • Hinge-lock belt
  • FAA fixing strap (for approved aircraft installation)
  • Booster kit (changes this model into a Carrot 3 Booster by swapping the booster seat base, changing the five-point harness to a four-point harness, and adding seatback extensions)

Miscellaneous Information

  • MSRP (U.S. dollars): Starts at $2,386.00 (no accessories)
  • Company certifies to meet standard:
    • FMVSS213 (U.S.): Yes
    • CMVSS 213 (Canadian): No
  • Will ship to Canada? Yes
  • Owner’s manual languages available: English

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