New Job Postings Webpage for CPSTs!

SRN is happy to announce that it has added a new webpage to help CPST job seekers and employers connect with one another. From our website, find this resource under Resources/Job Postings for CPSTs.

Go to the Job Postings Webpage

The new page was inspired by recent events, which have changed many aspects of CPSTs’ work life. One problem SRN has noted is that some companies and organizations have eliminated (or shortened the hours of) CPS-related positions, so some skilled individuals have suddenly found themselves unemployed or underemployed. Yet, there are those who are hiring CPSTs. And, another major shift is that more and more job duties for many positions can be handled online or semi-remotely. So employers and potential applicants can look more broadly to find one another.

It’s true that some positions are likely to return to an in-person workplace in coming months. But, it has been widely touted that what the pandemic has forced us to learn about working remotely is likely to be an ongoing silver lining to this otherwise challenging societal experience. Recognizing that this new paradigm needs ways to boost communication of job postings to more CPSTs, SRN developed this resource page to facilitate employment connections.

The new webpage has a link to a form for employers to submit details for open, paid positions. SRN will post submissions, by default, for 4 months. While SRN especially encourages postings for jobs that don’t require applicants from out of the area to relocate, any job posting that has a CPS focus is welcome. The form will allow employers to indicate this and other details that job seekers need to know.

For job seekers, the listing is intended to make it easier to find opportunities. Because the posts are limited to 4 months (unless extended by the hirer), and hirers are asked to let us know if the job has been filled, SRN strives to ensure that posted opportunities are currently available. Potential applicants can quickly scan the openings for important details like job description, location, and whether it is full- or part-time.

The initial page included just one paid national job posting, and SRN hopes that others will add their opportunities in the coming months. The entire community is encouraged to spread the word of this new resource, both to employers seeking CPSTs and potential applicants. Note: The site also has a section for listing volunteer opportunities, such as board positions. Rather than use the form, please send an email to to alert SRN of these CPS-related, unpaid opportunities.