Special Tomato MPS, Large

A forward-facing-only car seat that can also be adapted for use with other indoor and mobility seating products made by Bergeron Health Care, based in Dolgeville, NY.


This car seat for children with special needs is for use by larger children (beginning at 80 pounds) and has much higher child weight and height limits than conventional models.  It has a plastic foundation that is customizable by choosing among various sizes, contours, and colors for the headrest, body, and seat cushion inserts to meet the child’s needs. While the foundation is a hard, high-impact plastic, the headrest, back, and seat cushions are made of latex-free material that is soft and malleable yet durable (withstanding deflating, cracking, and impermeable to fluids).

Special Tomato MPS Car Seat

Child Requirements

  Pounds Kilograms Inches Centimeters Age (years)
Minimum 20 9 45 114 6 years
Maximum 130 59 Adult Adult Adult

Instructions have height of 32.5 to 50 inches/82.5 to 127 cm

Measurements and Characteristics

Car Seat Mass (Weight)

23 lbs./10 kg

Vehicle Fit Characteristics

  Outside height: 36 in./91 cm
  Widest outside width: 18 in./46 cm
  Vehicle requirements:  

Child Fit Characteristics

  Narrowest torso area: 10 in./25 cm with ML2 back cushion
11 in./28 cm with ML4 back cushion
13 in./33 cm with ML6 back cushion
  Narrowest seat cushion width: 11 in./28 cm with ML1 seat cushion
12 in./30 cm with ML3 seat cushion
13 in./33 cm with ML5 seat cushion
13 in./33 cm with ML7 seat cushion
  Seat cushion depth: 11 in./28 cm with ML1 seat cushion
13 in./33 cm with ML3 seat cushion
15 in./38 cm with ML5 seat cushion
17 in./43 cm with ML7 seat cushion
  Seat cushion depth extender options: n/a

Harness Fit Characteristics

  Harness Type: five-point
  Number of harness height positions: Not fixed
  CR bight to lowest shoulder height position: 20 in./51 cm
  CR bight to highest shoulder height position: 22 in./56 cm
  Crotch strap present: Yes
  Crotch strap adjustability: No Instructions say length is adjustable and dimensions given below seem to say position is adjustable.
  CR bight to nearest crotch strap position: 6.5 in./17 cm
  CR bight to farthest crotch strap position: 8 in./20 cm


  Semi-recline allowed in forward-facing position: No
  Other: n/a


  Tether present: NO Instructions say Yes
  Special tethering: n/a

Accessories / Add-ons

Standard Accessories: Seat cushion (ML1, ML3, ML5, or ML7), back cushion (ML2, ML4, or ML6), and headrest cushion (with or without laterals)
Note: Each seat cushion can be installed with 15° of hip flexion, neutral hip neutre, or 15° of hip extension

Miscellaneous Information

  • MSRP (U.S. dollars): $1,968.82
  • Company certifies to meet standard:
    • FMVSS213 (U.S.): Yes
    • CMVSS 213 (Canadian): No
  • Will ship to Canada? Yes, through Ki-Mobility Canada
  • Owner’s manual languages available: English

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