Ride Safer Travel Vest, Gen. 5, X-Large

A fabric and webbing vest made by Safe Traffic System, a company with U.S. headquarters in Franklin Park, Illinois.


This vest provides upper body stability, belt routing/placement, and crash energy absorption. When used with its tether attached to a vehicle tether anchor, the vest meets FMVSS 213 regulations as a child restraint.  An alternative use mode that’s allowed by the manufacturer is as a belt-positioner, in which the vest is worn with a seat belt and no tether; in this use mode, the belt MUST be a lap-shoulder belt. In either mode, the product may also be used together with a booster seat offered by Safe Traffic System.

While this vest is designed for any age/weight/height appropriate passenger, it works well for children with disabilities in some situations, such as when a child is in halo traction or certain casts.  In addition, when tethered, the vest provides support for children with neuromuscular conditions that require assistance staying upright, such as those with muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy. Some children on the autism spectrum who have rejected a harness made of webbing respond better to the feel of this vest. Safe Traffic System permits the use of a compression vest under a Ride Safer Travel Vest, as well as a coat over the vest (unzipped, with the shoulder belt making contact with the child’s collarbone/center chest and lap belt touching the upper thighs). 

The following information applies specifically to the most recent version, Gen 5.  (For other sizes, see separate listings for small and large vests.)

Safe Traffic Systems Ride Safer Travel Vest Gen 5 Safe Traffic Systems Ride Safer Travel Vest Gen 5

Last updated on February 1, 2024.

Child Requirements

  Pounds Kilograms Inches Centimeters Age (years)
Minimum 80 36 47 119.4  3
Maximum 110 50 62 157.5 none

Measurements and Characteristics

Car Seat Mass (Weight)

1.6 lbs./0.73 kg

Vehicle Fit Characteristics

  Outside height: n/a
  Widest outside width: n/a
  Vehicle requirements: The seating position used must be equipped with a lap-shoulder belt or a lap-belt and two adjacent tether hooks. (Contact Safe Traffic Systems with questions about the required tethering alternative when used with a lap-only belt.)

Child Fit Characteristics

  Narrowest torso area: 24 in./61.0 cm
  Narrowest seat cushion width: n/a
  Seat cushion depth: n/a
  Seat cushion depth extender options: n/a

Harness Fit Characteristics

  Harness Type: n/a
  Number of harness height positions: n/a
  CR bight to lowest shoulder height position: n/a
  CR bight to highest shoulder height position: n/a
  Crotch strap present: Yes
  Crotch strap adjustability: Yes, can be made longer/shorter
  CR bight to nearest crotch strap position: n/a
  CR bight to farthest crotch strap position: n/a


  Semi-recline allowed in forward-facing position: No
  Other: n/a


  Tether present: Yes
  Special tethering: Must attach the included dual-hook tether to two adjacent vehicle tether anchors if the seat belt is a lap-only type;  tethering is optional when using a lap-shoulder belt.

Accessories / Add-ons

  • Expansion Panel; increases accommodated girth by up to 14.5 in. (36.8 cm)
  • TravelSmarter Booster

Miscellaneous Information

  • MSRP (U.S. dollars): $219.00
  • Company certifies to meet standard:
    • FMVSS213 (U.S.): Yes
    • CMVSS 213 (Canadian): No
  • Will ship to Canada? Yes
  • Owner’s manual languages available: English and French

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