Hope Car Bed

A car bed for infants and toddlers made by Merritt Manufacturing of New Whiteland, Indiana


Car beds are FMVSS 213 compliant, crash-tested devices in which a child can ride lying down in a vehicle when necessary for medical reasons.  Hope Car Bed instructions allow the infant to ride in a supine, prone, or right-side-lying position, as recommended by a doctor.  (Supine is preferred for safe sleep, unless medically necessary to use another position.)  It requires two vehicle seats for installation, which should have a relatively flat cushion.  Installation requires the use of two seat belts.  Harnessing involves use of an included cummerbund and can either the car bed’s three-point harness or its restraint bag.  Must order a spica cast version if using this car bed for that purpose.

Merritt Hope Car Bed

Last updated on April 1, 2024.

Child Requirements

  Pounds Kilograms Inches Centimeters Age (years)
Minimum 4.5 2.04 n/a n/a n/a
Maximum 35 15.9 29 (or taller, if legs may bend) 73.7 (or taller, if legs may bend) n/a

Measurements and Characteristics

Car Seat Mass (Weight)

22.2 lbs./10.1kg

Vehicle Fit Characteristics

  Outside length: 32.5 in / 82.6 cm
 Outside depth: 21.0 in. / 53.3 cm          Outside height:  12 in. / 30.5 cm
  Vehicle requirements:
  • Two adjacent seats, each having a seat belt
  • No extreme seat cushion contours.  (To fill in seat slopes, use the provided leveling straps or the leveling wedge that is available from Merritt Manufacturing. Do not use other levelers, like pool noodles or towels.)

Child Fit Characteristics

  Narrowest torso area: 14.25 in./36.20 cm
  Narrowest seat cushion width: 14.25 in./36.20 cm
  Seat cushion depth: n/a
  Seat cushion depth extender options: n/a

Harness Fit Characteristics

  Harness Type: 3-point and/or with cummerbund
  Number of harness height positions: One
  CR bight to lowest shoulder height position: n/a
  CR bight to highest shoulder height position: n/a
  Crotch strap present: Yes
  Crotch strap adjustability: Yes, by length
  CR bight to nearest crotch strap position: n/a
  CR bight to farthest crotch strap position: n/a


  Semi-recline allowed in forward-facing position: n/a


  Tether present: No
  Special tethering: n/a

Accessories • Add-ons

  • Restraint bags, including a side-facing option.
  • Leveling wedge
  • A hip/spica car bed version with cut-outs to accommodate a child’s spica cast is available; see separate pricing for spica version.

Miscellaneous Information

  • MSRP (U.S. dollars): $1,775 standard; $2,083 Hope for spica casted children
  • Company certifies to meet standard:FMVSS213 (U.S.): Yes
  • CMVSS 213 (Canadian): Not tested to this standard.
  • Will ship to Canada? Yes
  • Owner’s manual languages available: English

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