Angel Ride

A car bed made by Merritt Manufacturing, based in New Whiteland, Indiana.


Car beds are FMVSS 213 compliant, crash-tested devices in which a child can ride lying down in a vehicle when necessary for medical reasons. Angel Ride Car Bed instructions allow the infant to ride in a supine, prone, or right-side-lying position, as recommended by a doctor.  (Supine is preferred for safe sleep, unless medically necessary to use another position.)  It requires only one vehicle seat for installation, which should have a relatively flat cushion.  Installation requires the use of a seat belt.

Angel Ride

Last updated on April 1, 2024.

Child Requirements

  Pounds Kilograms Inches Centimeters Age (years)
Minimum none none none none none
Maximum 9 4.1 21.5 54.6 none

Measurements and Characteristics

Car Seat Mass (Weight)

5 lbs./2.27 kg

Vehicle Fit Characteristics

  Outside length: 21 in. / 53.3 cm
  Outside depth: 14.5 in. / 36.8 cm    Outside height:  10 in / 25.4 cm
  Vehicle requirements: No humps, bucket seat

Child Fit Characteristics

  Narrowest torso area: 7.5 in.
  Narrowest seat cushion width: n/a
  Seat cushion depth: n/a
  Seat cushion depth extender options: n/a

Harness Fit Characteristics

  Harness Type: Three-point
  Number of harness height positions: One
  CR bight to lowest shoulder height position: n/a
  CR bight to highest shoulder height position: n/a
  Crotch strap present: Yes
  Crotch strap adjustability: Yes; metal-slide adjuster changes length
  CR bight to nearest crotch strap position: n/a
  CR bight to farthest crotch strap position: n/a


  Semi-recline allowed in forward-facing position: n/a
  Other: n/a


  Tether present: No
  Special tethering: n/a

Accessories • Add-ons

Replacement padding and harness straps are available.

Miscellaneous Information

  • MSRP (U.S. dollars): $615.00
  • Company certifies to meet standard:
    • FMVSS213 (U.S.): Yes
    • CMVSS 213 (Canadian): Not tested to this standard.
  • Will ship to Canada? Yes, use requires medical necessity, doctor letter
  • Owner’s manual languages available: English

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