2019 SRN Fact Sheets on CD—Build Your Own

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2019 SRN Fact Sheets (double-sided, PDFs) are perfect for community outreach, including checkups, classes, and doctor visits. Each sheet focuses on a specific topic, is available in English and Spanish, and is updated annually to reflect current best practices.

Select topics from the list below.  Each topic adds $30 to the $100 base price (shipping cost is included).  A table below gives the total price for any given number of topics. (Note: For build-your-own CDs with more than 15 topics, be advised that a CD with all topics may be more cost effective.)

FS on CD Build Your Own

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2019 SRN Fact Sheets are perfect for community outreach, including checkups, classes, and doctor’s office visits. Each double-sided sheet focuses on a specific topic, and comes in English and Spanish. All sheets are reviewed and updated annually to reflect current best practices. (Scroll down to see a sample.)

Two formats are available to meet your needs:

  1. Pads of 100 double-sided sheets of one topic (limited topics available).
    Order SRN Fact Sheets in pre-printed pad format.
  2. CD of electronic double-sided sheets (in PDF format) for you to print, as needed.

General Child Passenger Safety

  • Check Your Child’s Car Seat (A5)
  • Kids and Air Bags Don’t Mix (A6)
  • Selecting an Appropriate Car Seat (B1)
  • What to Do About Recalls (C5)
  • Seat Belts Aren’t Toys!: Entanglement (C6)
  • Grandparents and Car Seat Use (B6)

Pregnancy, Rear-Facing CRs

  • Pregnancy and CRs for Newborns (A1)
  • Premature and Tiny Babies (A2)
  • This Is the Way Baby Rides (Newborns) (A3)
  • Growing Babies/Toddlers: 4–24 months (A4)
  • Healthcare Providers Guide to Newborn Safety (A7)

Forward-Facing CRs, Boosters

  • Toddler Car Seat Challenge (B2)
  • Boosters/Belts for Kids (B3)

Older Children

  • Preteens From 8–12: Buckle Up! (B4)
  • Teens in the Driver Seat (B5)

Installation, Vehicles

  • Installing Your Child’s Car Seat (C1)
  • Learning About LATCH (C2)
  • A Tether Is Better (C3)
  • Choosing a Car for Family Safety (C4)
  • Car Seats in Pickup Trucks (C7) NEW!

Special Needs

  • Children With Special Needs—For Caregivers (D1)
  • Special Needs Overview—For Health Professionals (D2)

Related Safety Topics

  • Airplane Travel With Children (E1)
  • Parked Car Hazards (E2)
  • Safe Walking (E3)
  • Start the Helmet Habit Early (E4)
  • Safe Cycling: Kids on Bikes (E5)
  • Skate, Scooter and Skateboard Safety (E6)

Facts Sheet Samples

You may view the following Fact Sheets; they are not printable.

Car Safety for Tiny Babies
Seguridad en el Auto para Bebés Pequeñitos (Car Safety for Tiny Babies)
This is the Way Baby Rides
Esta es la Forma en que Viaja el Bebé (This is the Way Baby Rides )

Free Facts Sheets Provided as a Public Service

Feel free to reproduce and distribute the following complimentary sheets:

Autos Estacionados (Parked Cars)—¡Peligrosos para Niños!
Parked Cars—Dangerous for Kids!
Caminar Seguro (Safe Walking)—Mantener a los Peatones Jóvenes Seguros y en Forma
Safe Walking—Keeping Young Pedestrians Safe and Fit
Viajar Más Seguro en Avión (Airplane Travel)—¿Por qué abrochar a su niño en un avión?
Safer Airplane Travel—Why buckle up your child in an airplane?

How to Order:

  1. Choose which Fact Sheet titles you want on your CD. You will receive the English and Spanish Fact Sheet for each title you choose.
  2. Commercial printing license: If you expect to print a total of 5,000 or more sheets per year, then a license is required at an additional cost of $500.
  3. Customization (optional) with your information and/or a logo you provide for $50. Customization process: You can use text, a logo, or text and a logo if space allows. If using a logo, the image must be in a jpg or tif file (200 or more dpi) and uploaded with your order. The space provided for customization is a 2.5” x 1” box on page 1 of each sheet. We will send you a proof for approval before burning your CD.

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