Canadians Warned: Use Only CRs That Meet CMVSSs

In April, Transport Canada (TC) and Health Canada jointly issued a Consumer Information Notice to warn Canadian citizens that it is illegal to import and use a CR in Canada that does not comply with Canadian standards (as verified by the national service mark, shown here). This applies to all CRs, whether purchased by consumers while abroad or shipped to their address by a non-Canadian catalog or online retailer.  The reminder was prompted by reports by border officers and CPSTs indicating an influx of CRs being privately imported into Canada.

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A Global CPS Survey: Products, Policies and Practices

Are you a global CPS learner, like me?

Thanks to all who attended my Kidz in Motion session “A Global CPS Survey: Products, Policies and Practices,” August 27/28, 2010 in Fort Worth.* As I mentioned during the session, the foundation of my research was identifying reliable CPS experts in regions around the world and surveying them regarding products, laws, standards and practices.

It was only after I had this grounding that I began to use the Internet for gathering additional information, and even then I did so cautiously.  I share these Web sites with you as resources that you might find helpful for understanding the CPS viewpoints of certain countries and regions. Though I found them to be among the most reliable sites that I came across, I cannot vouch for their current or continued accuracy, and the views presented do not necessarily represent those shared by Safe Ride News.

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