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 Vacation Travel (Motorcoaches, RVs, Taxis and Aircraft)

Planning a Vacation? Don’t Forget CPS! Among the many extra challenges of traveling with small children is using transportation modes other than the familiar family vehicle.

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 Children in Motorcoaches:

"We are planning a trip for our school, the children will ride in a motorcoach..."
   A motorcoach is a large, non-school bus that does not serve fixed routes (like city transit), but instead travels longer distances, usually on highways.  While motorcoaches have a relatively good safety record compared to most other vehicle types, they do not have many of the safety features required of school buses.
          Learn more about motorcoach safety here.

 Children in RVs:

Recreational Vehicle“We are planning a big cross-country tour this summer and figure it would make sense to rent an RV for this adventure . . .”
   Often, even parents who normally are careful to use a CR for their children for every ride imagine that the interior of a recreational vehicle (RV, or motor home) is somehow a magical zone where the laws of physics do not apply. Click here to read more in this SRN article excerpt. 

          Learn more about buckling up in a RV, including safety tips, here.

 Children in Taxis:

Taxi“We are visiting a large city, so we will be using taxis rather than a rental car . . .” 
   A 2006 study using 2004 data found that, in New York City alone, there were 25 taxi/livery crashes every day that caused injury.
         Learn more buckling up in a taxi here.

 Children in Aircraft:


CRs May Help Prevent In-Flight Injuries
   CPSTs know that children on aircraft are better protected from injury when riding in an approved CR due to the potential of turbulence or crashes.  Recently, a new study identified an additional reason:  in-flight medical emergencies. Read the full article...

“We are flying to my mother’s, and I see that I can carry my 1-year-old on my lap, which will save us a lot of money . . .”
   The temptation to save money by having a child under age 2 ride on a parent’s lap presents a common dilemma for families.  Adding to the confusion is the fact that airlines and the FAA seem to condone the unsafe behavior and that most people figure a plane crash cannot be survived, with or without a CR.
          Learn more about why children should ride buckled up on aircraft, including tips for use of car seats on aircraft, by
clicking here.

Best Practice for Children on Airplanes Still Seems Up in the Air!
  An industry group aims to initiate improvements in child safety aboard aircraft by issuing a report that takes a first step toward standardization of safety recommendations for child passengers.

       Read the SRN editorial on this topic here.
       Find the industry groups’ report here.

 Complimentary SRN Fact Sheet Available!

   Safe Ride News offers up-to-date Fact Sheets on 27 child safety topics (click here for catalog).  We are making our Fact Sheet on airplane travel available free of charge. Click below to choose between English or Spanish; these files can be viewed but not printed:
Safer Airplane Travel with Babies and Young Children
Viajar Más Seguro en Avión con Bebés y Niños Pequeños



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