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 LATCH Information and Updates

Tether Anchor Retrofit
Retrofit TAsTA retrofitting was the main topic of the first edition of the LATCH Manual, issued in 1999 and titled Tethering Child Restraints.  Now, 18 years later, this information is less utilized, but no less important for families who drive the many pre-MY 01 vehicles still on the road.  Because tethering is so beneficial to child safety, it continues to be worthwhile for CPSTs to encourage TA retrofitting when educating families who have these older vehicles.
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Retrofitting Tether Anchors: Still a Benefit to Child Safety
In researching the 2017 LATCH Manual, SRN determined that it is still very worthwhile to pursue retrofitting older vehicles with tether anchors for forward-facing CRs.
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NHTSA Proposes Changes to Improve LATCH
Can regulatory amendments help LATCH meet its full potential?
FMVSS   On January 23, NHTSA published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) regarding updates it plans for FMVSS 225 and 213 in order to improve the usability of the LATCH system. NHTSA outlines some basic proposals for new regulations and seeks comment on the necessity of further regulation.
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The Mental Acrobatics Needed to Apply LATCH Weight Limits
   As most readers have probably noticed, we are going through a particularly complex period with respect to determining LATCH weight limits.  Read more about how to navigate the upcoming changes in this report.

Tether Anchor Retrofit Guide
   This guide supplements the 2013 LATCH Manual.  In many vehicles, installation of tether anchor hardware is easy with the correct kit, very basic tools, and proper instructions, so some consumers may be comfortable installing the tether anchor themselves.

Toyota’s Tether Anchor Installation Program Through SBS USA 
   Toyota and SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A (SBS USA) have collaborated on a new program to provide tether anchor kits and installation for families with pre-2001 Toyota and Lexus models.  Dealers throughout the continental U.S. and Alaska will honor certificates from SBS USA for the tether kit and installation.  The certificates can be obtained through SBS USA by sending in an application that includes the VIN number and information about the children to be transported, along with a voluntary donation of $5 or more per anchor.  Highway safety or child safety organizations can have a supply of certificates to fill out with families in need at checkup events.  The donations help defray administrative costs of SBS USA.Information about the program and applications are available on the SBS USA website in English and Spanish, 

LATCH Working Group Makes Progress
   For those who have been frustrated due to lack of consistent labeling of tether and lower anchorages, there is good news.  A voluntary agreement among vehicle and CR manufacturers has been made for improved labeling beginning in 2010.  This breakthrough was one of the agreements among the vehicle and child restraint manufacturers concerning LATCH that was reported officially to NHTSA in a letter from the LATCH Working Group (WG) in December 2008.
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